Tooltip doesn't work with styled-components v4

I realize that the peerDependency for this component is ^3.2.4, though I have been using styled-components v4 for months and now would like to incorporate AtlasKit into my UI to replace a ragtag collection of other dependencies. My code builds with the AtlasKit tooltip, however the tooltips never display on mouseover. Instead, I see this error appear in my console:

The “innerRef” API has been removed in styled-components v4 in favor of React 16 ref forwarding, use “ref” instead like a typical component. “innerRef” was detected on component “styled__Tooltip”.

Is there some way I can get around this? I’d really like to adopt AtlasKit but I don’t want to have to downgrade all my existing styled-components code to an older version in order to do so.

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Styled Components v5 will be out soon. This issue means that any project utilising the Atlaskit tooltip (perhaps other components as well, I haven’t checked) will be forced to remain two major versions behind. Some apps would greatly benefit from the improved performance of the newer versions.