Top 4 new improvements to your search experience on

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to announce 4 recent improvements to your search experience :mag: on that allow you to find the documentation you’re looking for in a smoother and more efficient way.

  1. See an improved ranking of results achieved by integrating data such as page views, last updated date of the page and many more
  2. A brand new ‘search as you type’ experience , that is 5x faster :fast_forward: than before as we’ve moved from back-end based search to a client-side based search.
  3. Product specific-searching is now available from preview search itself (shown below). Simply search for a topic within a specific product, and we’ll automatically detect what product you’re asking a question about. Remove the product tag to search across all products/services.

  1. Your Multi Filter Search is now easier with enhanced Advanced Search experience

We’d love to hear which improvement you’ve liked the most when searching for documentation! Let us know in the comments below :arrow_down:


Thanks @ChandanaMeka and all who participated in this.
This will have to locate docs a lot easier.


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