Translating Cloud addons

Hey everyone.

I wanted to internationalize my addon so users can use the addon in their JIRA locale. I’ve used this article as my starting point: cloud internalization, and the strings that can be translated are getting translated and that’s all fine.

The problem is that, as the article from the link above says:

Note, UI elements that are not defined in the app descriptor, like the contents of pages in an app, cannot be translated by this process. You will need to take care of these translations separately, using the current user’s locale (available in context parameters).

I have an idea how to do the translations manually in the templates as I’ve handled such cases before. BUT, the current users’ locale isn’t in the context anymore as it was removed during the GDPR changes.
So, the question is, how to get the current users locale if we don’t have a way to know from the request context?

Thanks in advance


I think they readded timezone and locale again.
You can use:

AP.user.getLocale((locale) => { })


thanks for the tip. Indeed it’s there.