Trello Advent Calendar!

Hey fellow Trello friends! I had the idea to create a Trello advent calendar in the Trello Community, where each day from Dec 1 - 25 there’s a short snippet of content that’s about how to do something in Trello. I’m going to make a few posts myself, and I’m trying to get some other fellow Trello nerds to do it, but if any power-up developers would like an opp to talk about your PUP and cool things you can do with it, feel free to contribute!

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll share a link to the spreadsheet where we can collab on who is posting what on which days!


Sorry for the late reply but I would love to help out. I use the Rest API and have created a few Power Ups (for clients)


@RobBanning hey there! only spot i have left is on the 24th! would that work?

Sure. What is the process?

@RobBanning just type your name and grab a spot over here on the 24th!

If you can just put in your name and the topic you’re planning to write about. (Could you also put your email in there that way I’ve got a quick way to contact you the day before to make sure everything is all squared away?)

The second tab in that spreadsheet shows instructions for how to post. If you have access to post articles, this is easiest, because then you can schedule the post ahead of time and not need to actually go to your computer on Christmas Eve! (You can tell if you have access by going here: then clicking “Ask the Community” and you should see an option that says “Write an Article”. Let me know if you don’t see that option and I’ll try to get you access for that!)

tried to post a response but looked like some auto-mod hid it. want to shoot me an email where i can share the link to the calendar that details out the process? my email is brittanyjoiner15 at gmail dot com.