Trello on Slack

Hello all. I am a big Trello enthusiast (as I’m sure most of you are). I am apart of a few different development communities that have a Slack Workspace in addition to their topic boards and I really enjoy the conversations, the Q&A’s and the ability to ask for/provide help from fellow community members in a more “chat-like” fashion.

I could not find one for Trello so I decided to create one for all of us. I do want to stress though, this is in no way an attempt to replace the ever helpful boards here. This is merely an extension and a secondary outlet to which your question(s) may get immediate answers. And perhaps some water cooler conversations along the way.

Like other communities with Slack as a secondary option each question is encouraged to be added to the Topic boards here as well when possible as it may be helpful to those that do not join.

If you’re interested, please feel free to join the conversation on Slack!

Thank you and have a great day!

</fineprint>I should also mention, this community/Slack Workspace I’ve created is not sponsored by any Atlassian or Trello employee. This is solely a community driven venture. :slight_smile: </fineprint>