(Trello Power-Up) Manipulating the "total cards" display when Lists are filtered

When filtering a board by labels, Lists natively include a description under the heading to show the total number of cards. For example, see the “2 cards” label in this image:


I’d love to find a way to turn this off with a Power-Up I am developing. I heavily use labels + filters and the total cards per List aren’t relevant to the app. This little bit of Javascript makes them go away:

card_totals = window.document.getElementsByClassName("list-header-num-cards"); 

for (var i = 0; i < card_totals.length; i++) { 
  card_totals[i].innerHTML = ''; 

Currently, all I can think of is to have my users install an additional “helper” Chrome extension that runs the JS above. This is obviously super painful and not ideal. So if it’s not currently possible to manipulate this “N cards” label, I would love to find a way to +1 it into a Suggestion Box somewhere.