Trello REST client: fullName deprecated with new Atlassian profile?

When calling the Trello API using REST, the fullName field of members objects is now replaced by their username… only for users who activated the new Atlassian profile.

Anyone else noticed that? How can we access the full name now? :confused: Thanks!

This was a change announced awhile ago:

How can we access the full name now?

There is not a way to access the full name now. The user has explicitly chosen for it not to be available.

Hi Bentley, thanks for your detailed answer! I couldn’t find a mention of this privacy change in the REST docs, thanks for pointing me to the link.

Still, I’m quite puzzled with the current issue. With privacy settings set to public, my own full name is still masked by the API:

$ curl '


$ curl '

I’ve also checked on and my full name is correctly set to public. Could this be a bug with the privacy settings? I’ve recently migrated from a Trello account to an Atlassian account. Thanks for your time!

What is the value of the Public name field from Atlassian ID page?

Digging into this more, it sounds like the changelog card I linked is out of date (and, as you mentioned, this isn’t covered in documentation yet!), but we now use the Public name field as the value for fullName.

The value of Public name was indeed copied from my username.
This confirms that Trello’s fullName field is using the Atlassian profile publicName field.

Thanks for taking the time to sort this out with me!