Trello User Permissions

Hi Everyone,

I am new with Trello Rest API.

I need something like that:

1- Hide some of my list from some of my team… I want my each team only see their List.
2- I want to hide “right side card details (MENU) from my team…”

They will only have abilities with click the checklist items , make comments, and use custome buttons… even cant change any other details on card ( card name , due date, etc)

How can I do that_?

NOTE: Trello seems very complicated for formal workers I want them only see their jobs and only ckick check buttons than send to other pano with customer button…

The short answer is you can't. There aren’t permissions in the API beyond the ones available in the UI as outlined here: Changing permissions on a board | Trello | Atlassian Support

The longer answer is, Trello rarely hides or limits a board member’s permissions. It is generally intended to be a fairly rule free tool. You can do some permissions management at the Power-Up level. For instance you could make use of the card-back-section capability and show different things to the user based on who they are. But that involves you managing those permissions inside of the Power-Up yourself.

Thx for kindly answer, but I cant understand why is like that…

For example I am making a prosess like ;

everyone only need to see their list and than when he/she is done with that task about him… need to send that to other list…

Why everyone need to see all list I really cant understand that?..

My project manager is only responsible about his job and dont need to see ( Also I dont want him to see) other lists etc…

When I make pano for each of my user . I will have to make hundered of rules for each other… also mirroring issues etc…

I think this is really big problem…

Also :

Why everyone need to see add , change all details of card also I dont understand that?

There is planner in company he make everything about all factory progress. prepare it etc.

Than everyone only need to see their job and when he is finish he need to send that job to other list etc.

Right side make complicated of seems and give a lot of unnecereesaary power to everyone in list…

I would love to use Trello.

Trello is my first Kanban using system.

But now Our factory cant use that trello with that way… :(((

I handeled the issue about now my team only see their own list and hide all other lits etc…

But I need to hide “right menu features from my team too”… is it possible by API?

And only ability to have check the checklist and comments … Cant edit Cards…?