Trello Variable {nextworkingday_isodatetime}

I am trying to use the “nextworkingday_” prefix with the {isodatetime} variable but end up getting an empty string. I have tried {nextworkingday_date}, {nextworkingday_isodate} and {isodatetime} which all work, but {nextworkingday_isodatetime} shows nothing.

I am testing by sending a message to Slack but need the value in a POST request. Here is my test:
Iso: {isodatetime}\nNext Working Date: {nextworkingday_isodate}\nNext Working DateTime: {nextworkingday_isodatetime}

I am using a Hack: {nextworkingday_isodate}T{time24}:00-08:00 but the timezone is hard coded :open_mouth:

Has anyone used {nextworkingday_isodatetime} successfully? Am I missing something? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I might be alone in this, but where did you learn about this variable and do you have other working examples from your sources? I’m very confused what this even is as it’s not in the API docs at all.

@jrfischer - Thanks for your reply.

You can read about Trello Variables at Butler variables | Trello | Atlassian Support

We are using the variables in an automation (Butler) that sends a POST request to our server and the data from the request to “process” the Trello card.

In this particular case, the server creates a new Trello card (based an existing card) and set the due date to {nextworkingday_isodatetime}.

Does this help?


Okay, yeah. Did not get that you were using Butler. That does help. I will try to see if I can make it work too!

Hello @RobBanning

The Butler prepended variable {nextworkingday_isodate} is working fine and returns tomorrow’s date as “2021-11-12”. The prepended variable {nextworkingday_date} is working fine and returns tomorrow’s date as “November 12, 2021”. The plain variable {isodatetime} is working fine and returns the current date as “2021-11-11T16:55:11+11:00”.

However, if I use the prepended variable {nextworkingday_isodatetime} , then nothing is returned, so I can confirm the issue you’ve encountered with prepending ‘nextworkingday_’

Also, {tomorrowisodatetime}, {yesterdayisodatetime} and {previousworkingday_isodatetime} don’t work either, so it looks like {isodatetime} is the outlier variable that cannot be prepended.

I’d suggest you raise this as a bug with Atlassian.

PS. It’s not the first time some of the prepend + variable combinations have been found to not work :slight_smile:

Thank you for confirming this behavior. How does one report a bug with Atlassian?


Google “Trello report bug”