Trying to access 'worklog' property in 'fields' in Jira

We are trying to implement a connector to Jira in order to display all the relevant information on a website.

One of the properties we want to display is the ‘timespent’ property for an issue. However, it seems I cannot access the worklog properly. At the moment, whenever I print issue.fields, I can only see the total amount of time spent on an issue. That is, even if two persons have worked on an issue and logged their work, it will at the moment only display the total time spent.

What we want is to display these two time logs separately. If person X has spent 30 minutes and person Y 60 minutes, this should show (and not 90 minutes as is the total time spent). I have been looking at this
but unfortunately I am rather new to this and it doesn’t say how to implement this in Ruby.

Any suggestions or help will be very much appreciated.