Trying to GET powerup value (date)

Hey there!
My name is Antony, I’m pretty new here.
I am trying to get the date value of the PowerUp “CountDown”, which has a date value.
I couldn’t really find out how to GET the value trough a HTTP request.
If anyone could give some more information about it or could link the docs that would be great.
Thank you for your time,

Welcome! It looks like the CountDown Power-Up stores its data in the shared scope on a card. This is accessible via the pluginData on a card. You can access this via 1/cards/{idCard}/pluginData1 documented here:

Here is an example of the response you’d see:

  "id": "5d7f8b3e3a77626a6d2aee6b",
  "idPlugin": "5a6cd19fce08ef29da470886",
  "scope": "card",
  "idModel": "5b9fe3b44a19763e98aef7d2",
  "value": "{\"idCard\":\"5b9fe3b44a19763e98aef7d2\",\"time\":\"2019-09-17T17:00:00.000Z\",\"unixTime\":1569344400}",
  "access": "shared"

Keep in mind that /pluginData is going to return an array of pluginData with an object for each Power-Up that has data stored on the card. So you’ll need to filter it down based on an idPlugin of 5a6cd19fce08ef29da470886 (which is CountDown’s ID).

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