Tunnel and app stop responding

Hi there,

My app and tunnel always stop responding after 2 minutes of running. Can not even cancel tunnel in console and can not reload app in Jira Cloud. It does it give me any error messages.
What can be the reason?

2.Quesiton, if I am reaching memory limit I will get error message?

Thank you

I’ll check with some of the teams involved in the tunneling feature on why you might be experiencing this.

Question 2. You should see a message either in the logs or replacing your app’s frontend informing you of the memory issue

What’s the specific problem with tunneling? Does Ctrl-C not stop the running tunnel?
Are you able to run a new terminal and start a new tunnel on that one?

Hi @JoshuaHwang ,

I need close terminal to cancel tunnel, Ctrl+C does nothing. I was thinking I am running out of memory but I am not getting any error about it. So tunnel just stop responding and I can not cancel It with Ctrl+C.

Hi @janambroz we’ve noticed the increase of errors in tunnel service recently and we’re actively working on it. Can I ask if this is a new app or not? If not, what change you’ve made before you this issue happened? Just trying to narrow down the scope. Thanks!

Hi @janambroz, we have done some investigation but it’s difficult for us to see what exactly happened without being able to reproduce the error. Do you have any clue about how to reproduce? Any information would be really appreciated!