UI Kit 2: Add jira:customFieldType module to preview?


as one of the (I believe) few vendors we are using UI Kit in production Marketplace apps. We are very happy to transition to UI Kit 2 to finally get rid of some nasty limitations.

We currently face the following problem: For an app using the jira:customFieldType Module we need to let users search over a potentially large list of Issues. Currently we need to get as many Issues as fit in the 25 sec invocation limit and GraphQL message size limit and send them as options to a regular UI Kit form field. If the Issue list is to large, the users isn’t able to select the issue they want.

The solution would be: The Get Issue Picker Suggestion API does what we need. Currently we can’t use that because it would sensibly only work to call it from the browser while the user is typing. There is no Issue Picker UI Kit component that can do this from the front end.

This long intro just leads me to the question: Can you give any vague indication when the edit dialogue for a Forge custom field type app will support UI Kit 2? Did I miss anything which would allow me to provide Issue Picker suggestions already?

Thank you!