UI kit 2 components in Custom UI


I was working in a Forge app - Custom UI - Jira global Page

Is there any possibility to use the Forge UI Kit 2 components in the Custom Ui Forge app?

Thanks in Advance!

Hey @JanarthananRamesh

Thanks for asking! Forge UI Kit 2 components can only be used in Forge UI Kit 2 apps, so there is not a way to utilise them in a Custom UI app.

Is your Custom UI App already up and running, or are you still in the process of building it?


Hie @mpaisley

Thanks for your response, Custom UI App is still in the process of building.

Any other alternative or suggestion to use the components?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re still in the process of creating your app and want to use components you may want to consider re-creating the app using UI Kit 2 instead of Custom UI. However this will depend on how far along you are, and you’ll want to check all the UI components you’re after are available in UI kit 2.
I’d also recommend checking out the Known Limitations page.


Thank you for helping, I’ll look forward in the UI Kit 2.