Unable to create sprint via REST v2/v3 API

The “new” Rest v2 and Rest v3 endpoints seem to lack any ability to create, read, update, or delete Sprints.

The only information I could find on any possible solution is an “in-progress” ticket https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JSWCLOUD-18874

Does JIRA only offer the ability to modify sprints through a deprecated API that can no longer be used? 1.0 auth fails, as Basic Auth has been blocked


On the face of it, your facts are correct: you cannot create sprints in the Jira platform REST APIs (both v2 and v3). But that’s because there is a different set of APIs specific to Jira Software, where you can find a resource for sprint with all appropriate verbs. The Jira Software APIs are not available under OAuth 2 (and therefore not available in Forge), but it can be used with API tokens (which is basic auth, but not with your UI password) and Atlassian Connect.