Unable to deploy the app in development mode

Hi Team,

We have deployed a app in marketplace.
App Name : Azure Devops Board Integration

Few days back we got a report from bot as .
**Azure DevOps Board Integration (Azure-Plugin) has failed Custom-Check-Authorization-12874135623815963918 from FSRT

So, We have made some changes in code. We are facing issue in deploying the app.
We have updated forge to current version also but still we are facing this issue.
Kindly find the error in below screenshot.

Kindly help us to resolve this.
As we need to update the app since it is in marketplace.

Thanks in Advance
Pavithra Selvaraj

Hi Pavithra,

Thanks for raising the issue.

I have investigated the deployment related to request ID: b961e98b9117f6e5

It indicated that you probably have the wrong URI configured for your icon. Please see the documentation here for reference https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/custom-ui/#icons

This could be due to the wrong path being provided or the resource item being missed.

I do believe such errors should be visible to the developers. I have raised an improvement ticket to the relevant team and will release that in the future Forge CLI.