Unable to download attachments using AP.request

Is there any possibility to download the attachments using Connect JavaScript API? I’ve tried using AP.request, but any request for the attachment content just gets me the file content as text, which obviously corrupts all the binary attachments. Since the AP.request does not permit any other content-type than text, I simply don’t know how to handle this.
I need to provide the same functionality which I have in plugin for the standard Jira to the cloud version, but this is now a blocker for me.
Can anyone point me to some other solution for the problem?
Are there any plans to change the AP.request to fetch any content type, rather than just text?

Hi @mariusztusinski ,

I have updated ACJIRA-2379 to cover this capability.


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Thanks! I hope that this can be implemented in a reasonable time frame, as we really need an option to download the attachment programmatically into memory

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