Unable to fetch table from database

Hello All,

We have recently upgrade ver8.2.0 to Ver 9.4.7 post upgrade,

we are connecting to PostgreSQL DB from our Jira custom plugin. we are able to establish connection using a Native Query “select * from tablename” using Sql Processor.

we are using the method findByAnd() → it says entity or table not found

is there any alternate of this method ??

Hi, it might have to do with collations. We are using MS SQL Server. In the beginning we used a case sensitive collation. That did not only influence how data was treated but also how table names within sql statements were compared to the actual table names.

Any link to refer and understood it well. @LarsFessler Thanks

The issue has been narrowed down … Below is the situation …

We are using Postgressql with version 11, Java 8 and Jira 9.4.7, the same query works with Native Query but it is not working in Delegator.findBy

what is the reason behind it ? Both code are in same method.

Code not working:

private OfBizDelegator delegator;
this.delegator = ComponentAccessor.getComponent(OfBizDelegator.class);
List connections = this.delegator.findByAnd(entityName, paramMap);m

Error Received
findBy: cannot find table: MRVL_CONNECTEDPROJECTS.RCKEY

Code that is working

private DelegatorInterface delegatorInterface;
delegatorInterface = (DelegatorInterface) ComponentAccessor.getComponent(DelegatorInterface.class);
String helperName = delegatorInterface.getGroupHelperName(“default”);
conn = ConnectionFactory.getConnection(helperName);
try(Statement stat = conn.createStatement()) {
ResultSet rs = stat.executeQuery("select * from " + entityName + " where " + field + “= '” + value + “'”);
while (rs.next()) {

Can you share with some examples that will help us to fix.