Unable to find Confluence Cloud space/page subscription REST API

Hi All,

Me with my dev team are working on an application integration with confluence and we need to find an API with which we can subscribe to a space or page of confluence from the integrated application through slash commands (just like Slack).

However I’m unable to find the confluence cloud subscription API through which I can achieve subscription. I also need to view and manage the subscriptions from the integrated app so will need an API for that as well but having no luck for that also. Can someone please provide some input/API/documentation link so that I can resolve this?

I have attached some screenshots which I got from slack. We need the same functionality for our app. Please check these out.

It’s a bit urgent so any help I can get as soon as possible would really mean a lot! Thanks.

Hi @SaaketGupta

Thanks for getting in touch.

You can use a Webhook to allow an add-on to listen for product events via HTTP callbacks, for example When a page is created or updated in Confluence.

This tutorial might help you with where to start.