Unable to get content properties values from DB

Hello Guys,

I have set the content properties of my pages from the REST API.
I have tried to get those values from DB, but, I got NULL values in my tables.
Can you please help? Do you think I should get them via REST only?


Why are you trying to get them from the DB directly? Anything wrong with the REST or Java API? :slight_smile:

Hello @sven.schatter, I’m trying to generate a report that gets me this list.
I didn’t go over the APIs as it will affect the performance due to the big number of content properties that we have.:slight_smile:


Alright. Just wanted to ask because maybe the APIs would’ve been a better choice. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably not be of much help then since I never accessed them via the DB directly but maybe you can share your SQL statement? Also, getting them via REST works fine?

@sven.schatter thanks a lot for your help, I have used API instead of DB, u are right, it is more efficient … thnaks a lot :slight_smile:

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