Unable to get the project style when retrieving issue information via JIRA REST API


When we perform a rest call, we need to know whether the project style of the issue returned is “next-gen” or “classic”. However this information is missing and an additional rest call to “/rest/api/2/project/{projectKeyOrId}” is needed. My question is, do you plan to deliver this project property with the project object regarding most of the rest calls?

Project object retrieved from an actual request:

"expand": "renderedFields,names,schema,operations,editmeta,changelog,versionedRepresentations",
"id": "{issueId}",
"self": "{url}",
"key": "{issueKey}",
"fields": {
   "project": {
        "self": "{url}",
        "id": "10000",
        "key": "{key}",
        "name": "{name}",
        "projectTypeKey": "software",
        "simplified": false,
        "avatarUrls": {}

As you can see the “style” property is missing. Thank you in advance.

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