Unable to install add-on on Confluence Cloud

I’m trying to install a very simple add-on on my Confluence Cloud but get the following error:

The add-on host returned HTTP response code 401 when we tried to contact it during installation. Please try again later or contact the add-on vendor.

GET /atlassian-connect.json 200 6.000 ms - 786
2017-05-08T13:12:35+0200 <warn> authentication.js:72 (sendError) Authentication verification error: 401 Could not find authentication data on request
POST /installed?user_key=ff8080815bc92357015bc92388a60001 401 17.497 ms - 45

My add-on uses the ACT framework and is hosted on https.

Any idea?


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When the same add-on is installed more than once, then Confluence will send a JWT token signed with the previous shared secret. Normally, ACE hides all this from you. Occasionally, and especially during development, that handshake can get disturbed. The easiest thing is to drop the ACE database and let it recreate it fresh. It will think the next install callback is the first, and will skip trying to authenticate any JWT.


How can I drop the ACE database?