Unable to see board button in trello

Hi there,
I’m building a trello power up for our mindmapping software.

So far I have created an ifrmae page - https://app.thoughtflow.io/trello.html which includes the js file. ( you can view source )

I am expecting a board button to show up as given in this reference documentation - board-buttons

But I don’t see any button. Attached Image.
Where am I going wrong? Is there a troubleshooting checklist or a way to debug?

Appreciate any help. Thanks

@bentley - could you have a look please?

What is your capability handler returning?

It should look something like this:

  'board-buttons': function (t, opts) {
    return [{
      // we can either provide a button that has a callback function
      icon: {
        dark: WHITE_ICON,
        light: BLACK_ICON
      text: 'Callback',
      callback: onBtnClick,
      condition: 'edit'
    }, {
      // or we can also have a button that is just a simple url
      // clicking it will open a new tab at the provided url
      icon: {
        dark: WHITE_ICON,
        light: BLACK_ICON
      text: 'URL',
      condition: 'always',
      url: 'https://trello.com/inspiration',
      target: 'Inspiring Boards' // optional target for above url

Yup. Thats what it looks like - https://app.thoughtflow.io/trello-client.js

I copy pasted it from the board-buttons example.
Is there a way to check if the iframe is communicating as expected?

Looks like you need to enable the board-buttons capability in the Power-Up Admin Portal: Trello

Oh brilliant. It works now . Thanks a lot :clap: