Unable to set OAuth scope read:confluence-content.permission and Check Permissions

Hello all,
we just released our newest App Data Forms for Confluence Server. Actually, we wanted to take a cloud-first approach. Unfortunately we bumped into a couple of roadblocks that need to be removed before we can proceed.

We need to be able to check the permission for the page as shown here:

Within Jira, the following check is possible:

But we are not able to set the required OAuth scope read:confluence-content.permission (see: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/manifest-reference/permissions/)
Currently, we can only let the user attempt individual actions and then tell him/her that he/she lacks permissions.

Does anyone know another way to check the users permissions. Or can you (@atlassian) tell us when we will be able to add the required OAuth scope?

Thank you.