`Uncaught TypeError: k.default.span is not a function` when using component from `@atlaskit/button`

Hello everyone. I’ve recently faced an issue where my @atlaskit/button component throws an error Uncaught TypeError: k.default.span is not a function, whenever I use it. The issue went away after I’ve added unsafe-inline to permissions.content.styles array, but after a fresh deploy, it’s happening again and again. I’m still a beginner to the whole Atlassian/Forge ecosystem so I might be doing something foolish. Can anybody please guide me on how to solve this issue. Thank you.

@SafwanShaheer hey, could you please share the code which throws this error? Also, it would be great to look at your manifest permissions.

@Dmitrii Thank you for lending a helping hand. Unfortunately, the repo is private so I can’t share the full code. But I sure can share the code snippet that I’m using along with the manifest.yml file’s permission section.

import Button from "@atlaskit/button";

<Button isDisabled={!notionPageId} onClick={async () => {...}} appearance="primary">Button</Button>
      - "unsafe-inline"
        - "https://api.notion.com/v1/*"

I hope that helps.

Hey, thankfully the error went away after uninstalling the @atlaskit/button package and installing it again :smile: