Understanding Backend Jira Connections

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System: JIRA On-Demand - Ver. 7.1

I’m trying to understand how things like sprints, and projects accidentally get linked together. We had a situation where someone was working in project A, and then they created project B for an entirely different team. I started to use project B, when I noticed a sprint from project A on my sprint board. Assuming it was a naming convention that he previously used (because it carries forward to when you create the next sprint) and I deleted it. Turns out I actually deleted the sprint in project A. Why were these projects linked together in the first place? I checked all filters and project connections and nothing pointed project A to project B (and vice versa).

I’ve also noticed that when one person touches anything in another teams sprint, they automatically see that persons sprints (they show up as future options for no reason) forever. I had a manager start another teams sprint (same project) while the other manager was out, and now, anytime team A creates a filter, dashboard, sprint, it uses the other team B as the recommended option, why?

As a Jira Admin, I need to know why these connections exist and how to mange them because we’re having problems with deleted sprints that result in teams loosing their entire sprint due to it showing up in some random project that has nothing to do with the other team, so they delete it thinking it’s an error. I have put out very extensive training on this, but I am always asked, “why does this happen” and I need a true answer that I can use.

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Hi @benjamin.dains,

As this is the developer community, it’s mostly focused on questions related to app development and extensibility for Atlassian products, not general usage questions. I think your question would be better suited to be asked in our customer community (https://community.atlassian.com) so other customers can help answer and benefit from seeing the answer.


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