Uninstall fails for Forge app that was installed from Marketplace

When (some? all?) users try to uninstall our Forge app (was installed through the marketplace) through the UPM it fails with an error.
We got that reported from one customer and I can also reproduce that from one of my instance: after clicking the Uninstall button the modal with the loading spinner pops up, spins for a while and then it fails with the error message “An unexpected error occurred.”.

I tested one other Forge app from a different Vendor on the same instance and was able to uninstall that one successfully, so seems to be specific to our app somehow.

Sounds like a luxury problem to have but would be really problematic if we ever update our permission scopes, because of this EAP limitation:

  • Users won’t be able to upgrade apps, so when you release a new version, users must uninstall and reinstall the app to receive the new version. This is a temporary limitation that we’re working to resolve.

Hey Thomas

Thanks for reporting, we’ve identified an issue with the uninstallation process and the team is working on a fix at the moment.

As soon as I get an update I’ll come back to you.

The issue is now fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience, if you notice any other problem, please let us know!


@waldemarnt - thanks for the quick turnaround on this one. Has this by chance been related to “forge uninstall” fails if you have more than 20 installations (FRGE-254), and if so, can we consider that issue addressed then as well?

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@sopel I’ve just checked here and it’s a different issue. I think the team responsible is already working on it but it requires some work :smiley:

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