Uninstalling plugin removes postfunction configuration

Hi everyone!
When I uninstall and reinstall my custom plugin, the previous configuration I had is no longer present in the workflow.

Scenario 1 : Plugin is installed, moving issue from To-Do to In-Progress causes a postfunction to create something in git via a git URL. It succeeds.

Scenario 2: Plugin is uninstalled and reinstalled, moving issue from To-Do to In-Progress raises an error and prevents transition because the URL is no longer specified. Going into the workflow transition and entering the URL fixes the problem.

Is there a way to have Jira cache/remember this information, instead of having to reconfigure it each time the plugin is uninstalled/reinstalled?

Thank you!

Okay so I see that Plugin Data Storage is something on console. Does anyone know how I can get started with this, or if this is even what i’m looking for in this case?
Thanks all :slight_smile: