Upcoming changes to Data Center App Approval

Hi @clouless

The best way to confirm this will be talking to product developers through DEVHELP ticket.

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Update (Dec 17th)

For the last week, we have been testing alternative scanner solutions and discussing legal aspects of those approaches. We are not yet satisfied with the outcomes thus we will continue the investigation in the tooling area.
At the same time, we are drafting updates to the Approval Process documentation published on developers.atlassian.com.
Given the upcoming holiday period, we will provide another update by January 14th.


Update (Jan 14th)

Thank you very much for your patience. For the last few weeks, we were validating available scanner solutions and came up with updates to the Approval Process documentation.
We clarified that during the Approval Process, you need to provide a scan report free of critical- and high-severity vulnerabilities in the libraries bundled with your app. You can also choose a Software Composition Analysis tool of your choice to create this report.
For more details please see Security Scanner for DC Apps documentation.
We’ll be monitoring this post to answer your questions.