Upcoming changes to the search index in Confluence Server

From Confluence Server 7.9, content and change documents will live in separate search indexes.

In order to split the index we’ve had to make a number of changes, some of them breaking, to the way search and indexing works in Confluence.

Please see this page for details.


Hi @PaigeMartin,

thanks for the heads-up! Could you please elaborate what ‘change document’ refers to?
Is a page revision? A diff between revisions? The comment for a page revision? Or something entirely different?


Hey @jens ,

Change documents are generated each time a person creates or edits content and can be used to track content updates. They represent actions such as page edits and comments being added to pages, and one of their uses is to populate the ‘Popular’ and ’ All updates’ tabs on the Confluence dashboard.
You should think of change documents as being distinct from content; if a change document exists representing an update to a page, the page itself and its contents are stored in the content index as a content document.

Hope that helps,


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