Update field configuration endpoint is not working

Hi, Community
I have used update field configuration this endpoint to update field configuration
when I have update field configuration of my project it is giving 204 response still field configuration is not updated
can any one know why this is happening ??
here postman body of my API call
“fieldConfigurationItems”: [
“id”: “customfield_10080”,
“description”: “This custom field is used by jira cloud.”,
“isHidden”: false,
“isRequired”: true,
“renderer”: “wiki-renderer”

Hi @MehulPateliya,

Using Postman, I tried the call PUT /rest/api/3/fieldconfiguration/10000/fields with the following request body (see body below) and all the changes were reflected when I checked with GET /rest/api/3/fieldconfiguration/10000/fields.

            "id": "customfield_10107",
            "description": "Testing CF Ian update 10",
            "isHidden": false,
            "isRequired": true,
            "renderer": "wiki-renderer"

I have successfully updated the description, isHidden, isRequired, and renderer values.

In order to have more context (in case I am missing some replication steps), I have the following questions:

  1. What configuration item/s are you updating?
  2. Can you share what the original values are prior to updating customfield_10080?


@iragudo Thanks for the reply
I have double-checked this with postman now it is working
can you also check this endpoint