Update for Data Center Add-On not visible for customers?

Hi there!

We have released an update for our add-on that is DC-compatible. The add-on is already DC-approved and has many DC-customers. The update went public in the marketplace without problems.

But for some reason, the new update is not visible to a DC customer - his UPM does not show the update. I do not understand why and how. Server customers are using the update without problems.

Is there something I am missing that has to be done?

The add-on in question: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1213922/presenter-for-confluence?hosting=datacenter&tab=versions

Thanks for your support!

Can think of a couple possible reasons:

  • There are some scenarios where if a custom build is provided to the customer and manually uploaded (ie as a result of a support query) UPM won’t show marketplace updates. This was discussed in marketplace vendors chat, but I haven’t confirmed it myself.
  • It’s possible to turn off the UPM feature for checking for updates. In which cases the update won’t show in UPM.
  • Obviously in the case where the product does not have access to the internet the update wont show in UPM.
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One other scenario:

  • If the customer is on an old version of Jira / Confluence, that is supported in an old version of your app, but not the latest version, UPM will only show the latest version that is supported by their version of Confluence / Jira etc.

Hey Richard, thank you very much!
I’ll check the scenarios you mentioned with the customer.

Have a great day!