Update on cloud plugin listed on Atlassian Marketplce

Hello everyone,
I have question related to updates on already cloud plugin listed on Marketplace.
If the plugin has some changes that are not affecting the atlassian-connect.json file does the Marketplace release a new version of the plugin, and notify the users with update option, or not?

It does not. For Atlassian Connect apps - the version is pretty much just the version of the descriptor. What happens in the app itself - that’s not managed or known to the Atlassian Marketplace.


Than you @danielwester , So there is no way directly to notify the users that the plugin has been updated with new features?

You can manually create a new version. In addition, you can change the value if the apiVersion property in the descriptor, which will trigger the creation of a new version automatically as this is a descriptor change

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No, the Marketplace doesn’t notify users who “watch” an app of new Cloud releases, only Server and DC releases.
If you want to notify users, you can send an email to the Technical Contact, this is a valid reason to send an email to them (but don’t forget to support opt-out)

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Thank you @remie
Can I manully add the property apiVersion into the descriptor in production version