Update on Marketplace app reviews

Hi developer community,

We just announced a new verification step for reviews on cloud app listings. Please have a look at the [changelog announcement] for more information. Feel free to leave any questions or comments here.

Re: Partner email notifications for App Reviews

It has come to our attention that notification emails are currently sent at the time the user submits the comment, regardless of whether they are a verified app user.

We are working to fix this issue so that you receive notification emails only when verified user reviews is published. We anticipate to fix this in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please note that:

  1. You may receive email notifications for reviews a few hours before they are published. This accounts for the time it takes to verify the user and publish the review.

  2. You may receive email notifications for review that are ultimately not published. This is because the user was not verified to either a) have the relevant app actively installed on their instance, or b) have the relevant app installed on their instance in the last 6 months

We apologize for the confusion and appreciate your patience as we work towards a resolution in the coming weeks.


Awesome! And the bad actors that have been spotted by vendors - what’s being done about them?


According to the article, we just need to “Flag as inappropriate”. I just did that for over 20 reviews for a vendor. All reviews were 5 :star: without any comment and all left within the same day or two. We’ll see if they are serious with the approach.


Awesome! And how do we get rid of the five stars that didn’t leave reviews?

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But still - I’d like to know what happens after that. We flag the reviews - I assume that the vendors are out in one of Dante’s circles.

What does a vendor have to do get kicked out?

It really doesn’t seem to be any reason for somebody to follow the rules if you just end up with a slap on the hand and back on the market you go. (And for the record - not looking at anyone that has accidentally etc goofed up - I’m looking at the ones that really intentionally play the system).


Well, I’ve heard a few stories. Trash talking about Atlassian in public is one. Probably not for faked reviews. Not even for ripping off my Jira book and posting it on their website!


Thanks all for your questions on how Atlassian will handle violations of our Marketplace review rules. We are currently building a fake reviews policy & enforcement process in the event of a violation.

Depending on a variety of factors, including the severity, reoccurrence of violations, evidence of intent to violate, or other factors, the enforcement process includes Marketplace program level demotion, suspension of an app from the marketplace, or even legal action.

We are also building a new channel to officially report violations to Atlassian. Look out for an announcement in the coming weeks


Thank you so much for your question.
Customers are permitted to provide apps with star ratings - with or without a written review. The verification process applies to all ratings and/or reviews, regardless if a written review is included or not.

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