Update value on different screen

Hi Everyone,

First post here so apologies for any errors.

I’m trying to automate assigning tickets using Python. The assignment is under a “different screen” where you have to click a button on the initial ticket and assign the user and the reason (required dropdown box).

I can connect to the ticket and get the custom fields. But when I try to update either of the fields I get the following error:

response text = {“errorMessages”:[],“errors”:{“customfield_10472”:“Field ‘customfield_10472’ cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.”}}

Here are some of the codes I already tried:


Here is my REST API result for the fields I’m trying to change:

“fields”: {
“customfield_10401”: {
“self”: “https://jirasd.prd.company.net/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/11300”,
“value”: “Initial Assignment”,
“id”: “11300”
customfield_10472": null

Thank you everyone in advance.

Welcome to the Developer Community, @gutihz14. There are two possible scenarios I can think of why this fails with the said error:

  1. It is possible that the issue you are trying to modify is already closed or in a state where you do not allow it to be edited. This can be checked in the workflow scheme being used; the property jira.issue.editable might be set to false for a workflow step
  2. The custom field is not associated with a screen. You can check this in Field configuration.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Ian.

I know I can modify it and it is not a permission issue because I can modify it and assign someone manually from the page.

How do I check the Field Configuration? I have a feeling this is the case. As I mentioned before, I have to click on “Move to incident” and a different “window” shows up. I attached a screen shot of the window that pops up.



To go to Field Configurations:

  1. Hit gg or .
  2. A dialog box will show up, type Field Configurations
  3. Click Configure for the configuration you are using
  4. Search for your custom field and check the Screens column

Another way to check if the custom field is in a screen:

  1. Hit gg or .
  2. A dialog box will show up, type Custom Fields
  3. Search for your custom field. Here you can see the screens that the field is in.
  4. To add the field to a screen, in the ... click Screens

Hi Ian,
is that on the admin page? I don’t have access to that unfortunately. :grimacing:

You can ask your Jira admin or site admin to check it for you.