Updating a single field via API V3

I’m seemingly unable to put an edit on a Jira issue. Specifically, this issue is in Jira Service Management, and the field is custom.

I’ve tried with and without overrideScreenSecurity and overrideEditableFlag:

{"fields": {"customfield_10142": "email@address.net"}}
and structured:

    "customfield_10142": "email@address.com"

What on earth am I doing wrong here?

Hello @andys

  • What type of field is customfield_10142 and was it you who created it and set its screen / permissions?
  • How are you sending the request? Are you using a framework like Forge / Connect etc from an internal app, or are you sending the request from an ‘external’ app?
  • What authentication method are you using?
  • Are you using a specific language and any party API library / wrappers?
  • When you send the request, what error messages, if any, are you getting back regarding that field?
  • If using Forge / Connect, do you have a specific reason for using the overrideEditableFlag and overrideScreenSecurity fields? Those are for very special use cases and only for use for hidden / uneditable fields.
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Those are for very special use cases

Sometimes one must try a special flag if desk meeting head doesn’t function!

Thank you for your response @sunnyape - After several attempts at curl’ing, I shifted into node/axios with my API token (as a site admin/owner) and it turned out it was… command line formatting that somehow I’d not managed to screw up with any other commands. :man_facepalming: