Updating artifactId Jira Plugin Development


I’ve been working on a plugin for Jira Server for the past year and recently decided to expand its scope and wanted to change its name and artifactId to represent its new functionality. Changing the name was relatively straightforward and updated the artifactId was quite easy within the pom.xml but for some reason the url to my gadgets was never updated.

What’s strange is that yesterday I was able to keep my gadgets running and also modified them so the web resources I use use the new artifactId in the urls and even was able to confirm that this change worked.

However, this morning after an atlas-clean and atlas-run neither of my gadgets are showing up in the gadget finder on the dashboard. When I look at the console I see this:

GadgetUrlBuilder: could not parse spec at rest/gadgets/1.0/g/com.teledyne.jira.plugin.jira-hierarchy:hours-manager/gadgets/hours-manager.xml

I can see that within this error, it is using my old artifactId which is why it is unable to find the gadget. Is there anyway to fix this so that it uses the new artifactId?


If you changed an artifactId then you have a different plugin right now. Jira will allow you to install both the old version and a new one at the same time. All the upgrade tasks you created for the old plugin will be executed again for the new one. Also, the old active objects will not be accessible from the new plugin, and new ones will be created.

My plugin has been rebranded and I am totally cool with it being considered a new one. Is it possible to do this artifactId transition safely and still be able to work with the atlassian sdk’s local environment?