Updating check items isn't working


This endpoint isn’t working. I’ve also tried:

  • PUT 1/cards/{id}/checklists/{idChecklist}/checkItems/{idCheckItem} (this has worked in the past)
  • PUT 1/cards/{id}/checkItems/{idCheckItem}

I always get the response: Cannot PUT [path].

I’m using my key & token.

I’ve tried putting the params as a JSON body (worked before) and in the query (as the docs suggest) and both.

I’ve tried checkitems instead of checkItems.

Happy to privately share a call that’s not working as an example with a Trello dev (looks intently at Bentley).

I finally managed to get the one with the card, checklist, and checkItem working, but note the difference:

PUT 1/cards/{id}/checklists/{idChecklist}/checkItems/{idCheckItem}
PUT 1/cards/{id}/checklist/{idChecklist}/checkItem/{idCheckItem}

checklist not checklists
checkItem not checkItems

This API follows no recognizable convention.

And the linked documentation still doesn’t work.

Have you been able to set the Member of Checkitem? I’ve been experiencing the same issue with Put requests where it seems to work, with no error reported, but the member doesn’t get added.