Updating check items isn't working


This endpoint isn’t working. I’ve also tried:

  • PUT 1/cards/{id}/checklists/{idChecklist}/checkItems/{idCheckItem} (this has worked in the past)
  • PUT 1/cards/{id}/checkItems/{idCheckItem}

I always get the response: Cannot PUT [path].

I’m using my key & token.

I’ve tried putting the params as a JSON body (worked before) and in the query (as the docs suggest) and both.

I’ve tried checkitems instead of checkItems.

Happy to privately share a call that’s not working as an example with a Trello dev (looks intently at Bentley).

I finally managed to get the one with the card, checklist, and checkItem working, but note the difference:

PUT 1/cards/{id}/checklists/{idChecklist}/checkItems/{idCheckItem}
PUT 1/cards/{id}/checklist/{idChecklist}/checkItem/{idCheckItem}

checklist not checklists
checkItem not checkItems

This API follows no recognizable convention.

And the linked documentation still doesn’t work.