Updating pluginData doesn't change board's dateLastActivity

Our Trello integration makes heavy use of the/boards/{board_id}/dateLastActivity endpoint to avoid reading data from boards that haven’t changed. Recently we noticed that, at least in some cases, if a plugin updates its data on a card, this doesn’t change the dateLastActivity value. This leads to out-of-date information on our side.

Is this a feature or a bug? Are there recommended workarounds?

Thanks for your help.

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Is this a feature or a bug?

Both! :sweat_smile:There are a handful of other actions that don’t update dateLastActivity, as well. They are:

  • Create checklist
  • Rename checklist
  • Delete empty checklist
  • Reorder (move) check list

Originally, actions weren’t necessarily intended to be a complete history of change. They were primarily used to populate the “activity” sections of boards and cards. This is why some action types aren’t returned as nested resources–those excluded actions were deemed “too noisy” for inclusion in activity. This is likely why they were also excluded when modifying the dateLastActivity.

Are there recommended workarounds?

Could you keep track of your own dateLastActivity in the board’s pluginData? That is, every time you update something in pluginData, also update a dateLastActivity scoped to shared on the board. Then ask for the pluginData in addition to the dateLastActivity. Does that work?

Thanks! We’ll try that.