Updating Service Desk public comment body by connect app user Jira changes comment type from public to internal

I have encountered a case that after updating body of issue public comment, Jira is also changing comment type to internal. I was unable to reproduce this behaviour, it was reported by our client.
What would be a cause for this? Does Service Desk configuration could have impact on updating comments by connect app user?

Comment before update:
request: GET /rest/api/2/issue/1234/comment/1234
response: {“body”:“comment body”, “jsdPublic”: true}

Update request and response:
url: PUT /rest/api/2/issue/1234/comment/1234
request body: {“body”:“updated comment body”}
response: {“body”:“updated comment body”, “jsdPublic”: false, …}

This sounds like a bug—if so, report it here :slight_smile: