Upgrading OAuth authentication privileges on-demand

I’m the developer of a Git client for iOS (Working Copy) and I have a OAuth consumer to allow API calls on behalf of the users.

I’m adding a feature that requires the “pullrequest” privilege and changing my OAuth consumer “will require users to re-authorize your application” and this worries me, since most of the users will be using existing features when they are suddenly told that authentication isn’t good enough.

Ideally I would like to only ask the user to re-authorize my app when they actually use this new feature, since it will then be very clear that something pull request related is going on making it reasonable that the app needs this privilege.

Does there exist some way to upgrade the privileges on-demand?

If there is no better solution I will perhaps just create a new OAuth consumer and switch users over to this when the need arises.

@palmin - Unfortunately, we don’t support any on-demand re-authorization, and it is not a simple change to make for us.

Feel free to create a feature request and we may consider it for our future roadmap.