Upgrading plugin To use CustomerRequestIssueQuery

Hello community!

i am currently triying to upgrade a plugin that uses service desk API , but it seems one of the most important methods (GetCustomerRequest) it uses has been extracted and put in its own class, this means , get customer request has been separated into wich exclusively works with CustomerRequest by issue.

As it stands the class i previously used (CustomerRequestQuery) no longer supports using methods related with issues id!, and i have had to replace most of the workings with the new getcustomerrequest metod belonging to the new class , customerRequestIssueQuery, but here comes the problem : CustomerrRequestIssueQuery no longer has a method to retrieve multiple requests as pagedResponses !, this has pretty much broken my aplication, that and the fact that getOrNull has also being deprecated pretty much has forced me to look for other solutions, does anyone here have a recomendation on how to deal with the lack of new methods in the new service desk classes? or some insight into a proper replacement within the native java tools and methods?