Upload limit hit well before documented limit


Recently I’ve noticed that the upload limit being imposed on the marketplace when uploading new versions of our addon has been drastically decreased. Previously I’ve been able to upload ~100MB worth of artifacts within a single two hour period, but now I can’t even do that and instead see this error message after uploading a single ~50MB artifact:

“Maximum file size upload reached. Please try again later.”

If I wait two hours I’m able to upload another artifact, but am then once again locked out from uploading more for a further two hours. The only page I can find with any kind of documentation on the limit is here (Jira Service Management), where it is stated to be ~250MB, but clearly this is not correct.

I’ve raised a marketplace help ticket on this, but am curious to know if anyone else has been experiencing similar issues recently.


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I just got the same problem after uploading the second ~55MB artifact:

Maximum file size upload reached. Please try again later.

This is really bad that the error does not say anything about that limit and when should I retry later :frowning:

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I ended up raising an AMKTHELP issue on this. Turns out the limit has been reduced to ~105mb in a 2 hour period but the documentation has not been updated yet.