Uploading app version for both Server and DataCenter

The process/wizard for uploading a new version for an app that supports both Server and Data Center has some oddities.

<!-- DC type, options are: data-center, server, both-->
        <param name="plugin-type">both</param>

The wizard makes a version for both DC and Server and it only makes the DC one public. It does not mention that it created a private Server version that you need to make public in a separate operation.

During your second go-through of the wizard, when you make the Server version public, you are led through the wizard once again from beginning to end… all the screens for adding logos, screenshots, descriptions… so there doesn’t appear to be a way to maintain one set of those things for DC/Server. Our listings are slowly diverging now and we’d prefer a “Use DC settings” for our Server listing.

Also, in the beginning of the first go-through, when you are uploading your JAR, you are presented with the UI for compatibility ranges, it does not remember what your previous version had for a lower bound. This is a change in behavior and I have to go look at our previous listings to make sure I set them to the right values. This is error prone:


and at the end of uploading the public Cloud version (first go-through) on the upload wizard it lists prices and gives me a button to Save Cloud pricing. This UI in the wizard for pricing update/confirm is new.

At this point I know that the tool ignored my previous version values for the compatiblity matrix so I wonder “what has it done with the prices”. I have no idea if these are based on the prices of my previous version or if the wizard made them up like it made up values for the compatibility matrix. I’m a developer uploading a bugfix release. I have no idea what the money guy set our prices to last time. I don’t want to change them when I’m uploading a new version. This is really, really bad… so I go open another browser and look at previous prices and hope to god I don’t click a wrong button and change our revenue with one click.

I have no confidence in the app version upload wizard. I’m spending an hour doing something that used to take me 5 minutes… and I’m not sure about the results.

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OK, so now I noticed that the wizard has ended up with me on the CLOUD pricing tab after I uploaded a Data Center version. Why would I want to even see our Cloud app’s prices while I am uploading a Server/DataCenter version?

I don’t want a “Save XXX pricing” button at the end of the wizard… especially not after the wizard has just shown me that it changes previous-version-values in other areas.

and the private Server version that was created did not use the release notes that I filled out in the first go-through so I’ll copy/paste those from our Data Center version into this Server version.