Url on atlassian-connect link

I define the url for my admin page on atlassian-connect as:
“adminPages”: [
“url”: “/config-page”, … (etc.)

The url on Jira gets re-written as

Where project.key=BOCP&project.id=10057 are the values of the last project the current user visited.

How do I prevent the url to be re-written?
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,

@jerry.laster I’m assuming you want to avoid query parameters for performance?
If so, you could try setting cacheable: true as defined on Admin Pages to see if that fits your use case

Hi @dboyd. I want to understand where the query parameters are added, but also when I click on the link with the query parameters it hides the product navigation bar.

What’s the location you’re using? It could be that the location adds the parameters in order to handle the decoration properly.

Hi @danielwester. I am enclosing the url and location. I haven’t found any info on the documentation indicating that this should happen. I’m expecting just addon-key/configuration-page as the url. Any clues?

“adminPages”: [
“url”: “/config-page”,
“name”: {
“value”: “Setup”
“icon”: {
“width”: 16,
“height”: 16,
“url”: “/img/divim-jira-nav-bar-16x16.svg”
“location”: “system.top.navigation.bar”,
“conditions”: [
“condition”: “user_is_admin”
“key”: “configuration-page”