Usage of Atlaskit in "non-atlassian" apps

Hi fellow Humans,

After using different React UI Frameworks / Design Systems for a while, I keep coming back to Atlaskit - it’s just amazing. But I’m wondering, after reading some posts that the license might not grant permission to use it outside of the Atlassian ecosystem, I decided to get some clarification from the single source of truth :slight_smile:

I really want the world to see what an amazing job you did and use Atlaskit anywhere I can!

So here we go, can I use @atlaskit/* for dashboards / reports / tools outside of the Atlassian ecosystem? If so, can I use it to build internal tools at my workplace? Can I use it to build external tools at my workplace? Can I use it to build external tools that my employer might charge money for?

Does it apply to all components (@atlaskit/*) or only certain components (@atlaskit/button … etc.)?

Thank you very much in advance!



Hi Steffen,

We can use the Atlaskit components to build apps outside Atlassian ecosystem as they are apache v2 licenced , however Atlaskit’s logo and icons packages are ADG licensed thus they can be used only to build apps and products which are integrated in the Atlassian ecosystem.

If ever in doubt please look into the license of the component you want to use.

Hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:


Hi, I have some concerns regarding the licensing.

The gist of it that while most “core” components are licensed with Apache 2, a substantial amount of them are dependent on @atlaskit/icon, which is licensed under the ADG.
My understanding is that these licenses clash, in the sense that the ADG will take precedence (as it’s stricter).
Just to give an example, from the DateTime Picker:

From what I’ve read here on the forum I’m guessing that this is not intentional; the idea is to provide Apache 2 licensed components, with only optional Atlassian branded packages licensed under the ADG.
But as it stands it’s not possible to use a component such as the @atlaskit/datetime-picker without pulling in the @atlaskit/icon package, which in turns requires the using codebase to conform to the ADG license.

At least this is my understanding; I’m hoping to get some more insight from Atlassian staff.

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