Use local image for <Image> UI kit component

Hi there,

I noticed that src of the <Image> component seems to only handle external URLs.
I have not found a way to make it refer and use a local resource. I’d like to use a local image that is bundled with the Forge App as a resource rather than link to an external image URL.

Is this feasable in UI kit or do I have to use Custom UI to be able to do that?


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Hey @ArpadKiraly ! I see that this is your first time posting in our community, so welcome! Thanks for the question.

Unfortunately, <Image> in its current state only accepts absolute URLs as the src and not paths to local/relative resources. This functionality currently only exists with Custom UI.

If you can have your resources hosted e.g. via google drive and made publicly available, you should be able to use its URL here, or any document hosting service for that matter, as long as the URL for the resource is deterministic.

Hope this helps and if you have any follow up questions, please feel free to reach out!

Hey @MatthewFreeman ! Thanks for the clear and concise answer. I figured this would be the way, I just wanted to have it confirmed as being a fresh Forge developer I am still unaware of many Forge capabilities.
Thanks for your help again!

No problem! Glad I could be of assistance. If there is every anything you have questions about, please feel free to reach out and one of us would be glad to help.

Have a great day!

Would be great to get possibility to add own images e.g. SVG files for a Forge UI kit app. Is the plan that can use files from within the Forge app?

I see that some icons are available like Is there somewhere a list of what is available?

HI @MatthewFreeman

Please, can you help with this Forge UI Kit Image component in export function fails to render Images if absolute url is used in src?