Use name property and not key property when rendering macro in cloud editor-v2 edit Mode. Is this a bug or?

Hi Guys,

From the image above, it seems Confluence takes the macro key, capitalises the first letter and shows it as the macro name when editing. As observed, the name isn’t really “user-friendly”. We would very much like to maintain this key name because of compatibility for our customers when they migrate from server to cloud.

Is it possible in a different way to use the name property instead of key as it is more user-friendly? Seems Confluence is not using the name property in atlassian-connect.json. A snippet of the macro definition in the atlassian-connect.json file

        "key": "auibutton",
        "name": {
          "value": "Button Hyperlink"
        "url": "/macro/buttonlink/button-link.html",
        "bodyType": "none",
        "cacheable": true,
        "description": {
          "value": "Inserts a Styled button, with Hyperlink, to the page."



Hi @KankeIshaku,

Yes the macro in the editor is using the key. You can change the key to be more descriptive. Perhaps button-hyperlink which will show up like this.


Just keep the requirments around the key in mind when you create yours:

A key to identify the macro. Keys must only contain alphanumeric characters and dashes, and must be globally unique. Prefixing it with the name of your add-on is the best way to ensure this.

The name object in atlassian-connect.json is being used in the macro browser:


I will bring this suggestion back to the team to use the name object for the macro in the editor.


The engineering team has opened an issue to pass the name value into the macro title. I’ll keep an eye on that ticket and update here when I see it deployed.

Thanks @rwhitbeck for the prompt response. Is there a Jira link we can monitor the issue from the team?