Use native macros inside macro component


Has there been any feature request or proposal on the Forge roadmap to enable the incorporation of Confluence’s native macros into the UI kit macro component? For example, currently, it is not possible to create a forge macro that uses the page include macro. Instead, one has to create the page include functionality from scratch, if that’s even possible. However, it would be far more efficient to be able to reuse the native macros already available.

Alternatively, it would be even more powerful, if there was a component that allowed to insert storage format into the Forge macro component and be rendered as such on the page. Like a StorageFormat component.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance!


Hey Rick,

Thanks for the suggestion. I think what you’re asking for is often referred to as macro chaining or nested-body macros. It’s not possible today although we are taking the first steps in that direction with rich body macros in development currently. That will allow users to input text in the body of the macro while editing the page.

On the Connect side of things we’ve launched the EAP for table extensibility for Connect apps which isn’t what you’re asking for, but another example of how we’re improving the ability for native macros to communicate with third-party ones.

I raise that as an example because it’s likely that we’ll provide extensibility like this on a use-case by use-case basis rather than opening things up so any macro can go inside any other macro. It’s early days though, so thanks for the feedback - it all helps.