useEffect cleanup function


I want to use the native cleanup (unmount) function from react. Sadly Typescript is throwing an error that a return value of useEffect is not valid.

Here are the doc from the react:

My Test Code:

    useEffect(() => {
        let timeout: Timeout;

        if (saved) {
            timeout = setTimeout(() => setSaved(false), 5000);

        return () => {
    }, [saved]);

TS2345: Argument of type ‘() => () => void’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘() => void | Promise’. Type ‘() => void’ is not assignable to type ‘void | Promise’. Type ‘() => void’ is missing the following properties from type ‘Promise’: then, catch, finally, [Symbol.toStringTag]

How can I solve it with Forge UI?

Hi @AlexanderSchlegel,

UI kit does not support a cleanup function. Note that while UI kit may look similar to react, it is not the same as react.

Also, from your code snippet, you need to be careful with setTimeout usage as there are some caveats: SetInterval and SetTimeout usage with Forge UI - #2 by SamSmyth

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